Here are some reviews of the work I’ve done over the years. 

Our Man in Havana, Watermill Theatre, 2022

“Alvaro Flores elegantly handles the roles of MI6 agent Hawthorne and Captain Segura, the suave bloodstained officer who pursues Milly…” – The Times

Alvaro Flores is equally convincing as the deviously insistent Hawthorne; and later, Segura, the scary local military leader with dictatorial ambitions and a moustache to match – plus a worrying desire to marry the much younger Milly.” –

The Time of Our Lies, Park Theatre 2019

“Alvaro Flores as Trump (who Zinn did not live to see become president) creates an electrifying moment as all the cast respond to Trump’s “Go back to where you came from” –

Don Quixote in Algiers, White Bear Theatre, 2017

“Álvaro Flores portrays Cervantes wonderfully and shows the character’s deteriorating mental state in this production.” –

“Stand out performances are provided by Alvaro Flores as Miguel, whose mannerisms and storytelling abilities are delivered with great precision and intensity that change constantly wrong foot the audience about who he really is.” –

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